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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pre-made Template for Sale!!

Hi guys! I have made a pre-made template which I will sell to one person. The first person that orders it gets it.  If you don't get it that's alright because I can make you a custom one (check the prices page). It will be customized with your blog name and pages.  The only that will change about this template is the blog name (header), the addition or subtraction of page buttons, and the blog button.  Everything else will stay how it is. 

COST: $35

What's included:
Blog button
Rating System
Post dividers
Contact Buttons

Here's how it looks:

If you want the template fill out the form below and you will soon receive an email from me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now Open for Business!!

Blogovation Design is now open for business! If you want your blog renovated then contact Blogovation Designs!  We will redo your blogger design for you.  If your wondering about pricing just check out our pricing page to find out all you need to know.  I will only take 6 people on the waiting list at a time, which is located on the contact page. If you are interested then fill out the order form on the pricing page. I hope you choose Blogovation Designs!